Lesson One: Finnish and Espresso


Santeri and I got off to a slow start due to conflicting schedules, but we’ll be powering through lessons in the next few weeks. Our first session took place in a coffee shop near the city center. Our plan was to go over basic Finnish phrases that I’ve learned in class, and learn them in spoken form, as well as review basic everyday sentences (Minä olen Sean= Mä oon Sean….Mitä kuuluu?, Miten menee?).

Unlike my beginning-level Finnish, Santeri’s English is fluent. What we decided to do during the course is to improve his writing skills. However, for the first lesson, I decided to keep things fun, and teach him some things that were native to my home. I’m from San-Diego, California. I consider that area to have a distinct dialect (ok, its slang). It’s even more consistent within certain subcultures. Knowing that Santeri has been to San- Diego before, I taught him some slang and phrases that he wasn’t familiar with, so he would be prepared on his next trip out there.

Being that Santeri and I are both eager to learn, it was a successful first EOTS lesson, more to come!

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