Cultures and Espresso

Santeri and I’s second lesson took place in the same coffee shop as the first meet up. Beers sounded good, but we both had work later on, so we made the responsible choice, and turned to caffeine instead. This lesson was about cultures, and we were determined to have a better insight on each other’s native lands.

I explained to Santeri that southern California is different from most of the rest of the country, and should be its own independent state (I’m biased). Breaking down San Diego, I explained the diversity of the area: Surfers, gym rats, marines, yoga freaks, and gangsters. I also talked about San Diegans’ love for the beach, and everything that surrounds it. The surf culture is unavoidable.

San Diego….                     IMG_4156

In return, Santeri gave me a detailed list of the do’s and dont’s in Finland. Most importantly, dressing properly in the winter. I am having a hard time with the cold, and apparently beer will help with that! I also learned about the fondness Finns have for the sauna, and how it is NOT a sexual thing! We also discussed traditional foods (mustamakkara, Karjalanpäisti, Karjalanpiirakka).

It was nice to learn some new things about the culture here, as well as share stories from home to Santeri. We agreed that the rest of the meetings would have more of an emphasis on language.

To be continued…

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