Lesson one: English and Espresso After a Very Slow Start

Finally, after defeating our schedule issues we got to start EOTO with Sean. We’ll certainly start meeting frequently from now on (or at least we’ll try our very best!). Our first meet-up was at a coffee shop near Keskustori. The place was new to me but it was alright. On this first session we went through some very basics of Finnish and it was more or less to check out Sean’s current skills in the language.

My English skills are a bit more advanced already, but we are concentrating on little things in writing and on American culture and slang etc. This time, however, we went through some Californian culture, because Sean is from San-Diego. I have also visited California once and that’s why it was very interesting. I got a new point of view on people and everyday life over there. We also went through some slang from San-Diego. I already knew couple of the words and phrases but there was a lot of new information for me.


All in all, this first EOTO meeting was very nice and I definitely look forward to our next meetings!


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