Nous voulons faire la chose ?!

I say hello,

to the electronical world and our each one teach on course again 🙂 This weekend has been incredible in the national park Seitseminen 50 km north of Tampere. It was supposed not to bring any electronical devices except of cameras. It is a great experience how people change if they have no one of these… ‘I need my mobilphone’ ‘Want to check whats app now’ but after a while everybody started to play card games or was responsible of his own group for fire, wood, water or food.

Seitseminen National Park

I had this time the possibility speaking with Erwan, I gues you know him from my previous posts and Adrien a guy from Belgium. It was cool to speak to two different nations but in the same language.

My only remark at this point here is that Adrien for me looks like the perfect french guy 🙂 I could as him again a lot of questions and he is a really good teacher because he asks me in certain interval what is this and this again in french… It really helps me!

candle: la bougie  / horsekiss: béquille /  light sth.: allumer qc.


And yes now the best story I wanted to ask the two guys whether we want to go into sauna a little bit earlier that we have enough space for us. And the best thing included of the language is that almost nobody will understand you. So I asked Est- ce que nous voulons faire la chose? Do we want to make the stuff (sauna) now. And both of them started to laugh ^^ It was funny because they understood what I wanted to say but usual it the expression for having sex.  So I learn every day a little bit more 🙂

by Michèl Duckstein

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