Videos !

New meeting with just Elina because Tilda wasn’t free. We met a new time in the Library, it’s quiet, comfortable and easier because if I’m not so busy, Elina is, she does lot’s of things next to the school like dancing, French lessons or gym !
This time I used my computer to watch videos with her on Youtube. I presented to her my city and then I found some French lessons in video. We watched few of them about the genders, it’s THE trap for every foreigner trying to learn French, the genders have no rules, you just have to know them for every words and Elina have to continue to learn them.. Then we did listening comprehension, it was the description of the Julien’s day with a lot’s of detail and then few questions. She went through easily.

We spoke a bit about how we were doing and we left each other. We should meet next week on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday because Elina is leaving to London few days and I will leave to Lapland in one week so we have to see each other before. The next time won’t be in the library for sure, we don’t know exactly where yet but we will find out!

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