Voisin ottaa capuccinon ?

Hello all !
New post on this blog to speak about my 8th meeting with Elina. We hadn’t a lot of time but we wanted a cosy place so with went to Café Europa, common but really cool place.


As usual we spoke about us, I told her how was my « Survival Weekend » in the middle of the woods and how I enjoyed it ! She told me that she went to her parent’s place and she really enjoyed her weekend as well. A good weekend is primordial to begin well the week !
We spoke about her favourite sport the Pole Dance, even if I knew this sport she taught me few things I didn’t know ! There are a lot of different metal bare, different diameter, different textures and different methods of attachment. She felt her progression in the last times so I was glad for her.

After this we went through Finnish stuff, I have to recognize that even after several meetings I don’t know a lot of Finnish words, it’s not because she is a bad teacher, it’s because I often, really often, teach French to her. I know that this will be useful for her and I really like to teach French. So yes I know few things but not a lot. This time so I was my turn to learn, we reviewed the numbers, a little bit the verb “to be” and the weekdays. We did few new things like how the open, close a door for example because I needed to know “Open” and “Close” because I’m always asking myself when the stores are open and I’m never able to read the Finnish on the front doors.
Then I learnt how to order a cappuccino or a beer (I will need this for sure !).

At the end I shown her a video on youtube about an amazing girl in an American TV Show “American Ninja Warrior”, she went through all the track easily, even better than a man !

We will meet each other only in two weeks because she is going to London on Thursday and then it will be me going to Lapland. We have planned to meet again at least twice and we should make something all together with Michèl and Tilda to remember our EOTO experience ! Surprise…

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