Three letters

All three of us had written a letter in advance. My letter was (atleast tried to be) in Japanese and both Yuki’s and Marius’s letters were in Finnish.

We met at Tamk’s library and read letters and corrected mistakes. My letter was full of them but that is how you lesrn, right? Yuki also show me kanjis that I could have used .

Full of mistakes~
Full of mistakes~

I helped Yuki and Marius to fix their letters, which were nice and practical. Marius were very good at using  word endings and changing word forms (depending who is doing).  🙂

I think writing letters was good idea to learn more about languages. We were able to choose our own topic and needed to do some work on our own. Thinking about sentence order and words. Checking dictionaries and asking help from our other friends. 🙂

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