#5 A day at Vapriikki –

Hanna and me went to Vapriikki Museum yesterday.
The first exhibition was – according to the girl at the info – called northern lights and we expected the northern lights. But actually it was about fashion and the famous Revontuli brand. You can have a look at the textures and the sketchbooks there but also see the final dresses. All in all it was really colourful and nice to look at – but no northern lights. 😉

After that we went to the post museum. This museum was really amazing and interactive. In every part you can touch, read or watch something. Everything was in Swedish and English (also Finnish and Russian). So I tried to read it in Swedish first and if I didn’t understand it I switched to English – or asked Hanna. I learned the preposition ’till’ which has different meanings in English and ‘brev’ what means letter (la lettre in French).

When we went upstairs, we found the exhibition about ‘Tom of Finland’ and about ‘local Innovations‘. We saw for example plastic that is made of milk proteins and made light by spinning a crank. And of course there was something about Nokia – about the tires and the phones – you can even listen to the development of the Nokia ringtone throughout the years.

The natural history museum was also really great. There are many stuffed animals (mostly birds) but you can also smell different trees and plants or touch the fur of animals. You can also weight yourself and see what animal you are. And I learned the Swedish word for squirrel ‘ekorre’.

From there we went to the Ice-Hockey Hall of Fame, Shoe and Toy Museum. The Toy Museum was a throwback into our childhood, which contained Barbies and doll houses as well as the table Ice-Hockey  (a Finish Version of Tischkicker) and Ninja Turtles .

After exploring the museum shop we sat in the café to talk a bit and drink tea and coffee. We were at the museum for four but it felt like two hours.

So what do I remember from learning Swedish yesterday?!

Sometimes ‘k’ is pronounced like tj (or sch). So köpa (shopping) is pronounced as ‘tjöpa’ or ‘schöpa’ (sounds a bit like some Germans say shopping 😉 ).

Semester‘ or ‘lov‘ means holidays/vacation in Swedish. So when I go to Stockholm before leaving back to Germany, I can say: ‘Jag är här på semester’ (I am here on vacation).


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