Double meeting

I forgot to post last double meeting so i’m going to have two times report in this post.

First one’s theme was Letter. We had written a letter and correct mistake each other. I wrote about trip with my mom in Finnish(too short….) and Iris corrected my mistake and I corrected her Japanese mistake and add some kanji at TAMK library.


Iris sen-sei(teacher)corrected mistake in our letter:D

Second one is movie night! Marius  booked a room of TAMK library (and there is big screen!) and we watched My neignbor Totoro(となりのトトロ) of studio dhibli.  It’s been a long time  since i watched it last time (maybe 10 years!) and it reminds me of totoro’s urban legend.  Always Dhibli express some message for example social problem so our japanese audience think about true meaning of dhibli’s film and there are a lot of urban legend.  Anyway It was nice time and I’m looking forward next meeting!(japanese food party!!!)

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  1. Hi Yuki! Please try to write separate posts for each meetings, as it is the one of the principles of the blog. In addition, please return the preliminary plan in Tabula. You should have written it already before the first meeting.

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