Double time!

I guess I’m going to have to cover two meetings in one post again, I’ve been so busy with my exams that I haven’t had the time to do this.

On 9th of November, we met in Cafe Europa. During this meeting we mostly talked about things like Christmas and Christmas foods. I learned that in Germany, there are some traditional foods for Christmas holidays, but not all German eat them each year. It depends on their families. Whereas in Finland, I think most people do eat the traditional foods every year. We also talked about some children’s programs and stories that we have in Finland and Germany, and about Gnomes that we have a lot of old beliefs about here in Finland. Sebastian also helped me to study how to form command sentences in a polite way in German.

My next meeting was just with Sebastian. We met on 21st of November and went to the main library, Metso. We had some discussions about historical things like World war II. I thought it was interesting to talk about history with someone else than a Finn. I have studied history quite a lot and it is a subject that I enjoy.

Sebastian also helped me with my homework which was about conjugating verbs in past tense. After this meeting I have a feeling that I’m starting to understand how the verbs in German language work.

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