Eleventh meeting: French chocolate bread at Robert’s Coffee!

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Today, with Michael we decided to go to Robert’s Coffee. We know that we choose always Cafés but to study it is for us the best place. I cannot teach him French with exercises and video in a cinema or a museum. We will do another thing, in an original place for the last meeting on Sunday.

It is one more time to eat a French speciality “Pain au chocolat” (chocolate bread) or “Chocolatine” (according the French regions) with coffee and hot chocolate. Often, we eat this kind of thing for the breakfast and sometimes for a snack (as a Croissant).

Today, the theme was “L’école” (the school). I have really liked this meeting because we discussed a lot about Michael lifestyle at school in Edinburg and Tampere. In fact, studying music is very different from studying international business for example, because he needs more to practice. Also, to be an artist is a special decision, because it is a difficult world.

It is very interesting to teach in this way because when Michael does not know a word and I do not know the translation in English, I try to explain to him in different ways, and after he gives me the translation so, we learn together a new word in same time in two different language.

Also, I showed him a video about a special school specialised in musical comedies in France. It showed him a way to learn music, to learn to sing and to dance in same time. It was a good TV show because it linked with his studies.

Moreover, we read together a newspaper article in French about students who give up school after high school. In this article, France data are compared with other European countries and notably the United Kingdom. So, we learnt more about our national education system.

For tenses, we did a revision of all tenses we learnt together since the beginning of our lectures in French. It permits to Michael to know more about his knowledge and his new skills. It was a good way for him to know his personal improvement since the beginning. It was a success for him!

In last, I felt Michael ready to learn one more tense, so I taught him the “Plus-que-parfait” (plus-than-perfect). Michael is very logical, so it is a pleasure to teach him everything. I can see he likes to learn so It is a real motivation for me.

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