Hey All!!

Our latest meeting with Aileen took place yesterday and we had a plast 🙂 We went to Vapriikki –museum and spend like almost four hours there. What a fantastic place it was!! Even I´m from Tampere AND been living here again for four years after a long break but I´ve never been there before… So it was a new experience for both of us!
For Aileen it was a really good way to practice Swedish. A lot of the exhibitions were translated and the info’s were printed in Swedish. It was a good way for Aileen to read a lot Swedish and learn it at the same time. We discovered a lot of strange words for her and we discussed about some of the words pronunciations. For example “känns” (feels in English) in Swedish is not pronounced with “a hard K”, it sounds more like “tjenns” when Swedish people say it, or the same with “köpa” (buy in English) – more like “tjöpa”.
For me it was maybe a bit difficult place to learn French but I learned something 🙂 Now I know some useful words for example regarding Post Office; what is stamps – timbre postal. Sometimes we were just so overwhelmed from everything there was and totally forgot to talk to OR teach each other in Swedish or French 🙂 But we decided to take this time as an learning cultural experience for us and next time we can get back to business on teaching!

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