Let’s talk about french!

Qué hacén boludos!

This meeting took place in UTA’s cafeteria and we had coffee & tea there.

I like this lesson, we finally had some french!
Emilie teach me how to say Hello and Bye in french, both formal and informal ways.  And also she try to teach me some pronunciation because even if you know the word in french if u can’t pronunce it is almost as if u didn’t know it at all, cause people won’t understand you anyways :P.


  • AI, É, È, Ë, Ê = slightly different Finnish E sound
  • E, EU = pronounced same way as Finnish Ö
  • AN – EN = similar sound not existing in Finnish language but kind of “Awww” sound
  • ge, gi, gy = g as j sound
  • ga, go, gu = hard g sound

Then I learn some basic french sentences such as “What time is it?” “How much does this cost?” “Where is….?” “Where are…?” 🙂 totally important if I want to visit France, hopefully soon!

Also we had some time to talk a bit more about Argentina’s foods ( we eat mostly italian, and spanish foods) and when did we change the original spanish to “our” spanish (18th century).

And saw some of Dustin Luke’s Youtube Videos, he’s a gringo (from USA) but lives in Buenos Aires. He posted this videos about him talking argentinian and is amazing how can he imitate the argentinian accent.

Ah! Important note: almost all latin americans hate when people say “Americans” to people from USA, America is a continent, we are all Americans! 🙂

Once again…great lesson!

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