Spanish movie night!

We had been talking about watching a movie in spanish for long but finally we did today! We went to see Gloria at Niagara Arthouse Cinema.


Is a chilean-spanish comedie-drama movie, set in Santiago de Chile, about a cool older woman and her messy love life. I like it, was a good movie with a surprising ending.


It was great to go there because it was the first time I went to this cinema and I thought it has a nice atmosphere plus it is not so expensive 😉

Also because Emilie had chance to hear another of the multiple spanish accents of this world, the chilean accent while we ate a box of chocolates filled with liqueur.


At the end of the movie we discuss some chilean spanish words we where able to hear and I explain what they mean to Emilie.

guagua: baby

guata: belly

po’: pues

weon: tonto in argentina

fome: boring

tipo: a dude

Great movie! Great meeting!

Gloria in imbd:

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