Third One!

We meet this time at Stockmann´s coffee shop, after fall break.

We didnt have chance to talk much about French language beacause Emilie told me shes considering Argentina, Buenos Aires to do her exchage in 2015 so we had tons of stuff to talk about.

First we talked about climate in Argentina (more about my country: then we play to find diffrerences between Costarican spanish &Argentinian spanish. For example:

Tu/Usted : Vos                             Hola: Che              La Goma: La resaca

Tonto/tonta (in a friendly way): Boludo/Boluda        Borracho/a: En pedo                           Como esta/Pura Vida? : Qué onda?                                 El Autobus: El Bondi                                Piña: Anana(s)                  Melocoton: Durazno                        Maiz: Choclo                   Aguacate: Palta        Fresa: Frutilla                    Coger: Agarrar              Follar: Coger

Qué onda? Nada, al pedo -> What’s up? Nothing much (pedo=fart)                                      Pedo is very much used in all cases,

en pedo: drunk

al pedo: with anything to do, in vain

ni en pedo: no way!

de pedo: no me cai de pedo (i didnt fall luckly)

a los pedos: really quickly

cagado a pedos: to call atention, reprimand

Estoy echo mierda -> I feel like crap

To say “there are a lot of cars”, I would use “Hay muchos coches” but Argentinians would say “Hay une bocha de coches!”

To ignore: Cortar el rostro                         It sucks!:  Es un bajón!photo-2-300x223

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