7th meeting: Drinking Finn Alcohol

We met 26.Nov in my place, Lapinkaari and it was our 7th meeting.


I really wanted to drink Finnish alcohol, so it was our drinking day.
First of all, we took Salmari which has a salmiakki taste. Some of my friends said it is too strong, but I liked it. Yes, it was strong but I like that flavour and it is special.
Second, we also could drink Helmi. Alessandra said it is popular for Finnish young generation in these days. Mixing Helmi and milk taste like cocoa milk and kaluya milk. Not surprisingly, I have loved it.


I did not have chance to take Finn alcohol. I just took beer, vodka and cocktail. It must be better if I had a chance to experience Finn alcohol earlier, because I have only few weeks.
Anyway it was lucky that I can take it before I leave and we enjoyed the night.


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