Winter Is Coming

We met again at TAMK after two weeks break and only for half and an hour. Me and Joonas wanted to read Finnish comic books and translate it to Sveta. She tried to read it. To my surprise, Sveta could really read in finnish. She is learning so fast Finnish. Sveta wanted to learn some clothes’ name. She looked exciting because she has heard Finnish ladies were talking about the clothes in the bus. She wanted to learn excitingly more about the clothes.

As Christmas is comming and there are sales in shops, me and Joonas tried to teach her some clothes in Finnish. Here are some a list of clothes’ name.

банный халат – aamutakki

ботинки, сапоги – kengät

брюки – housut

ветровка – anorakki

джинсы – farkut

кардиган – villatakki

колготки – sukkahousut

кофта – villapaita

перчатки – käsineet

платье – mekko

футболка – t-paita

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