More Cake

Last meeting with Pauline and I was in another cafe. It always seems to be cafes but I think we both enjoy it and it lets us get a lot of work done as we have coffee on hand!

This time, the theme was to do with schools (l’ecole) (I’m missing out accents as well because I have no idea how to do them. Technology!). Lots of vocabulary first and then seeing if I could actually understand it by reading an article on school drop-outs in France. Some really surprising things in that article! We also had discussed that a bit, it’s really interesting how different our perspectives are as I’m an arts student (music) and Pauline a business student. Also, her school in Paris is a privately run institute so I learnt how that affected it also. After, a video on a school specialising in musicals. Interesting again, but it’s a very small school in Paris and the musical business is quite different from that of classical. Finally, we did tenses! Quick revision of all the tenses we’ve covered so far and a new one, the ‘plus-que parfait’.

I love these meetings as it’s a really informal way to learn, but Pauline is still making me work! My control of French is improving a lot. Some things still confuse me, especially with all these verb endings in different tenses now… Speaking is fine but writing French is a whole other ball game!

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