our first meeting

On 2th of October, We had our first meeting. Until now, I didn’t post here about our meeting, but I’ll post our Each One Teach One’s time from now!

We met in the cafe Europa at 11am. Jongsoo and I live in the same apartment, so already we’ve known. But Jongsoo and I meet Mari for the first time on this day. And at 11am, I could meet Mari in front of the cafe Europa. I knew the information that Mari likes having a trip by an email, and actually she seemed to really like a trip. It is the first impression for Mari.

When we were waiting for Jongsoo in front of the door for a few minutes, we noticed that the café Europe open from 12pm, so we decided to change a place.


We moved place to  the Wayne’s coffee and then knew that Jongsoo couldn’t meet, so Mari and I talked about our Each One Teach One’s plan. Our goal is that Mari becomes to master basic conversation that used when she travels at Japan, and I become to understand Finnish basic word and grammar!! In addition, her department is nursing and she is busy by tasks or studying, so we decided to meet gather once a week.

Fortunately, Mari’s apartment is the place that Jongsoo and I can walk to there (about 5 minutes on foot)! So we decided to study basic Finnish and Japanese at each apartment in the first half of the meeting and learn each other’s culture by walking around the city or making each other’s dishes together and so on in the latter half of the meeting!

I want to learn each other’s languages and culture with having fun!!!

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