#2 About Cultures

Sean and I’s second lesson took place in the same coffee shop as the first meeting. First we were thinking of grabbing beers, but we both had to work later, so we decided to go with the coffee instead. We discussed about our cultures and tried to get a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

I gave Sean some do’s and don’ts in Finland, and also gave heads up for the winter and dressing appropriately. I also told him about Finns relationship to sauna and went through some traditional foods and vocabulary.

Sean told me a lot about southern California and how it is completely different from most of the rest of the country. Sean also thinks it should be its own independent state. Sean also told about San Diego and the diversity of the city: surfers, gym goers, yoga “freak”, gangsters and so on. I also learned that the beach is THE thing there and everything is related to it somehow.

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