Efficient week

Sorry, I didn’t have time to write in the blog during week, that is why I will tell about two meetings now. We met on the 17th of November in the TAMK’s library.



We were discussing food once again.  But this time we took new words to learn, because topic RUOKA includes a lot of things. This time we did not choose random words, but separated them in topics: for example, vihannekset, hedelma:t, lihat, juomat and so on. At each topic we have learnt no less than 7 words (except of “kalat”. Only lohi, kirjolohi, siika and katkarapu in this theme). Also I asked guys to pronounce different numbers (not just “kolme” or “seitsema:n”) but combined difficult numbers, and I was supposed to write them down. It was not very easy, I have to admit, especially when they started to name “tuhatsataviisikymmenta:viisi” for example 🙂

Aslo we met on Friday 28th.


We decided to discuss some grammar and reading aspects. I told Rulis about Russian vowels and how to read them, because in different cases such letters as “е,ё,я,ю” are  read in different way, and pronounsiation of some things I could not explain 🙁 because I don’t know the rule, I just know how it shoud be and adviced them just to memorize difficult cases. We canged endings of verbs as well, but only in present simple (because neither me nor they know any other tenses yet). It happened so, that I told to Rulis and Joonas about Michail Bulgakov – one of the great Russian writers. I asked to explain how to differ when I need to put “lla” at the end of the word and when I need “ssa”. True to say I didn’t quite understand the difference. But “my teachers” told me about endings “a”, “ta” and “tta” and how to use them. I am very glad of the last week, because it was very productive! Thanks to Joonas and Rulis!

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