Flammkuchen und Apfelstreusel

(Because – like I just realized, I forgot to write a post about our last meeting, this will include a review of both meetings 20.11. and 29.11.)

Our meeting on 20.11. was actually quite short compared to others, because we only had 45 minutes. So it basically included simply watching one OnePiece episode. This time we decided to stop every now and then when there were important words or phrases, that Hyejin or Sunyoung wanted to remember. That was easier than watching the whole episode and trying to remember all things for afterwards. I think words like “Freund” (=friend) and “Essen” (=food) that came quite often were easy to remember and won’t be forgotten too soon. And now Hyejin and Sunyoung have the link to the site with German dubbed OnePiece episodes as well, so they can watch them whenever they feel like it 😀
here it is for you guys, too: http://pure-anime-streams.net/index.php?id=Anime&link=opdub

At our next meeting, we had first planned on baking something. Because of it being moved to later in the day (schedules again), I thought it would be nice to first eat something salty. So I prepared all the ingredients and the dough for “Flammkuchen”, because the dough had to rest for 30 minutes before baking it. When Hyejin and Sunyoung came we could directly start with making the “Flammkuchen”. While it was in the oven, we switched to preparing the “Apfelstreusel”.
“Flammkuchen” really is quite close to Pizza in terms of preparing. You just need the bottom – usually its round – and then you put “Schmand” (like sour cream) “Zwiebeln” (=onions) and “Speck” (=bacon) on top of it. It tastes very different from Pizza, though, as it has no tomato sauce and the dough for the bottom is made without yeast. If you are interested in trying to make one yourself (it’s really not that difficult), here is the recipe we used: http://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/1112251217261411/Einfacher-Flammkuchen.html

Next came the “Apfelstreusel” (basically an apple cake), which we prepared while the “Flammkuchen” was in the oven. When the “Flammkuchen” was ready, we put the cake in and enjoyed the first part of our dinner, which really tasted delicious! I actually had never made “Flammkuchen” myself before, so I wasn’t really too sure about how it would work out. I’m glad it worked so well! For the cake we had to wait for it to cool down after baking it, so we used that time to clean the kitchen and watch one more episode of OnePiece, although this time only as amusement and not too much focusing on learning German, as we were all quite tired already. Even though, I think it always helps to just hear the foreign language being spoken to get used to the sound and pronunciation. And of course there were a few words I had to translate and sentences that Hyejin and Sunyoung recognized or understood even without my help 🙂
The “Apfelstreusel” was really delicious, I think I will have to use that recipe more often! There are really many variations of this cake and I have tried many different versions already. But this one is genuinely good! Here it’s for you, if you’re interested: http://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/193121081927669/Apfel-Streuselkuchen.html

So much for this time, next time we will meet without “real” food (only snacks) but after that Sunyoung and Hyejin promised to cook some Korean food in turn. I’m really looking forward to that! 🙂

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