Learning German in Metso library

The fourth EOTO meeting was in Metso library. We went there to the café and our topic was to read an article from German magazine.

The article that our teacher had chosen was about the Oktoberfest in Munich.  We practised the pronunciation of German words.  We read the sentences out and our teacher helped with the pronunciation. There was a lot of numbers in the text, so we also practised them. The article was about the facts and numbers of Oktoberfest.  It told that there is a huge amount of stolen pints that tourists will take as souvenirs.

The words that I learned from article were:


Fundsache=lost property



We also went through the ordinal numbers.

  1. Erste
  2. Zweite
  3. Dritte
  4. Vierte
  5. Fünfte etc.


It was nice to practise to read in German. The pronunciation felt a bit difficult and I think that it would be helpful to listen more German,  for example watch TV programs and listen radio.

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