So alcohol happened…


So this time Yooree and Shinhyun wanted to get more familiar with a specific traditional delicacy, that can only been found in Finland. For many foreigners (and even to some finns as well) it is the dreaded and loved special drink that has concentrated all  it’s “finnishness” into small bottle. We call it ‘Salmari’! Love to hate it, love to love it.

Actually, I already knew that Yooree is a somewhat of a fan of salmiakki so she had already tasted it but Shinhyun was little bit worried. I assured her that if they did not like it, I would be glad to buy the bottle from them.

Next bottle I bought for them to taste was Helmi Cacao liquor. Popular in Helsinki with among young people (big part of my upper-secondary school years ), you should mix it with milk 50%-50%. Very sweet and easier to gulp down than Salmari but still requires a preference for super sweetness. One should not let the milky smoothness fool you because you can easily get hammered even from this.

We all cheered in Korean ‘건배!’ = cheers! and took our first shots of SalmiakkiKoskenkorva. Yooree seemed very pleased of the salty taste and surprisingly, Shinhyun liked it as well! I find it pretty rare to meet two koreans who like salmiakki! Even though there are more exchange students who dislike salmiakki candy but likes salmari, the odds of meeting koreans who like it is pretty much non-existent.

Next to try out was Helmi. I poured half ‘n’ half of milk and liquor and gave the girls their cups. ‘건배!’. We drank and like I predicted, the liquor was well praised because of it’s drinkable flavor.

In the end, we had downed both of the bottles, a lot of chips and everyone wobbled happily to their homes.



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