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lesson with drinking vodka


On October 25, Mari and Jongsoo and I met as our third meeting. We chose a Mari’s apartment as the place of the study on that day.

Because there is about five minutes from Lapinkaari where Jongsoo and I lived in, it was so near! But Jongsoo and I were lost a little because there were a lot of buildings.


On that day, also we studied Finnish and Japanese! Firstly, we started to study Finnish. At first I learned about Finnish greetings. Because I thought that the greetings is the words that are important in any country, it was good that I could learn that! Because there are the words that matched in the time like “good evening = hyvää iltaa” or “hello = hyvää päivää”, I want to use them positively to remember from now on!

Then, I learned a word that vegetables and fruit or a word that is used when we go to cafe! In addition, I learned Finnish of the beer that was the most important to us!

It is “beer = olut”!

And finally, I learned how to ask for coffee in the cafe. I hardly go to a cafe, but want to order it in Finnish early! Surely the latter half of the meeting could go to a cafe. I look forward to the day!

After learned Finnish, I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo about review “hiragana” and numerical how to count. After all, I felt that we need more time to learn, because Japanese is a little bit difficult.


This photograph is the juice that mixed vodka with the drink of the berry which Mari’s mother made.

While Each One Teach One, Mari gave Jongsoo and me it! It was easy to drink very much and it was fruity and so delicious!!!

Kiitos 🙂

Lesson start!!!

On October 6, Mari and Jongsoo and I learned Finnish and Japanese! We chose the Lapinkaari where we studied. Because of Lapinkaari is the place that Jongsoo and I live in! I take the Finnish class, but I’m beginner, Mari and Jongsoo are also Japanese beginners.

Firstly I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo. The contents, which I told, are the “hiragana” which is like the Japanese alphabet. I made a list to be easy to understand the “hiragana” and taught pronunciation. Because Japanese was different from English, it seemed to be difficult for Mari and Jongsoo who learned for the first time. This time I told only these, because I wanted to take time for teaching the “hiragana” on that day.


After I told that, I had them practice writing a hiragana letter. I had them write the name of the Jongsoo and Mari as word and the name of an airplane or the bus and so on! I was surprised because they could wrote “hiragana” very well!! That’s great!!


Secondly, Jongsoo and I learned Finnish from Mari. Because the Finnish alphabet resembled English very much, it was easy to understand! However, I practiced pronunciation many times because some pronunciation like “ä” and “y” was difficult! After that, Jongsoo and I learned the  numerical expression from Mari. The numerical expression of Finnish was the same as Japanese, so it was extremely easy to understand.


Because Mari is good at teaching, so I’m very happy!! I want to learn Finnish steadily from now on!

our first meeting

On 2th of October, We had our first meeting. Until now, I didn’t post here about our meeting, but I’ll post our Each One Teach One’s time from now!

We met in the cafe Europa at 11am. Jongsoo and I live in the same apartment, so already we’ve known. But Jongsoo and I meet Mari for the first time on this day. And at 11am, I could meet Mari in front of the cafe Europa. I knew the information that Mari likes having a trip by an email, and actually she seemed to really like a trip. It is the first impression for Mari.

When we were waiting for Jongsoo in front of the door for a few minutes, we noticed that the café Europe open from 12pm, so we decided to change a place.


We moved place to  the Wayne’s coffee and then knew that Jongsoo couldn’t meet, so Mari and I talked about our Each One Teach One’s plan. Our goal is that Mari becomes to master basic conversation that used when she travels at Japan, and I become to understand Finnish basic word and grammar!! In addition, her department is nursing and she is busy by tasks or studying, so we decided to meet gather once a week.

Fortunately, Mari’s apartment is the place that Jongsoo and I can walk to there (about 5 minutes on foot)! So we decided to study basic Finnish and Japanese at each apartment in the first half of the meeting and learn each other’s culture by walking around the city or making each other’s dishes together and so on in the latter half of the meeting!

I want to learn each other’s languages and culture with having fun!!!

More Cake

Last meeting with Pauline and I was in another cafe. It always seems to be cafes but I think we both enjoy it and it lets us get a lot of work done as we have coffee on hand!

This time, the theme was to do with schools (l’ecole) (I’m missing out accents as well because I have no idea how to do them. Technology!). Lots of vocabulary first and then seeing if I could actually understand it by reading an article on school drop-outs in France. Some really surprising things in that article! We also had discussed that a bit, it’s really interesting how different our perspectives are as I’m an arts student (music) and Pauline a business student. Also, her school in Paris is a privately run institute so I learnt how that affected it also. After, a video on a school specialising in musicals. Interesting again, but it’s a very small school in Paris and the musical business is quite different from that of classical. Finally, we did tenses! Quick revision of all the tenses we’ve covered so far and a new one, the ‘plus-que parfait’.

I love these meetings as it’s a really informal way to learn, but Pauline is still making me work! My control of French is improving a lot. Some things still confuse me, especially with all these verb endings in different tenses now… Speaking is fine but writing French is a whole other ball game!

Kimble one more time!


That was our last second meeting. Recently all of us are just too busy to manage a time to meet up because of final exam and also assignments due in end of the semester. But luckily we still managed to meet in public corner and we played our favorite game – Kimble. The meeting was quite short but playing kimble make us forgot about the stresses.

Life is full of stresses but the thing is we just have to know how to face and get over them. Being with friends is one of the best way to remove stress. How do you think?

Winter Is Coming

We met again at TAMK after two weeks break and only for half and an hour. Me and Joonas wanted to read Finnish comic books and translate it to Sveta. She tried to read it. To my surprise, Sveta could really read in finnish. She is learning so fast Finnish. Sveta wanted to learn some clothes’ name. She looked exciting because she has heard Finnish ladies were talking about the clothes in the bus. She wanted to learn excitingly more about the clothes.

As Christmas is comming and there are sales in shops, me and Joonas tried to teach her some clothes in Finnish. Here are some a list of clothes’ name.

банный халат – aamutakki

ботинки, сапоги – kengät

брюки – housut

ветровка – anorakki

джинсы – farkut

кардиган – villatakki

колготки – sukkahousut

кофта – villapaita

перчатки – käsineet

платье – mekko

футболка – t-paita

7th meeting: Drinking Finn Alcohol

We met 26.Nov in my place, Lapinkaari and it was our 7th meeting.


I really wanted to drink Finnish alcohol, so it was our drinking day.
First of all, we took Salmari which has a salmiakki taste. Some of my friends said it is too strong, but I liked it. Yes, it was strong but I like that flavour and it is special.
Second, we also could drink Helmi. Alessandra said it is popular for Finnish young generation in these days. Mixing Helmi and milk taste like cocoa milk and kaluya milk. Not surprisingly, I have loved it.


I did not have chance to take Finn alcohol. I just took beer, vodka and cocktail. It must be better if I had a chance to experience Finn alcohol earlier, because I have only few weeks.
Anyway it was lucky that I can take it before I leave and we enjoyed the night.


Double meeting

I forgot to post last double meeting so i’m going to have two times report in this post.

First one’s theme was Letter. We had written a letter and correct mistake each other. I wrote about trip with my mom in Finnish(too short….) and Iris corrected my mistake and I corrected her Japanese mistake and add some kanji at TAMK library.


Iris sen-sei(teacher)corrected mistake in our letter:D

Second one is movie night! Marius  booked a room of TAMK library (and there is big screen!) and we watched My neignbor Totoro(となりのトトロ) of studio dhibli.  It’s been a long time  since i watched it last time (maybe 10 years!) and it reminds me of totoro’s urban legend.  Always Dhibli express some message for example social problem so our japanese audience think about true meaning of dhibli’s film and there are a lot of urban legend.  Anyway It was nice time and I’m looking forward next meeting!(japanese food party!!!)

Spanish movie night!

We had been talking about watching a movie in spanish for long but finally we did today! We went to see Gloria at Niagara Arthouse Cinema.


Is a chilean-spanish comedie-drama movie, set in Santiago de Chile, about a cool older woman and her messy love life. I like it, was a good movie with a surprising ending.


It was great to go there because it was the first time I went to this cinema and I thought it has a nice atmosphere plus it is not so expensive 😉

Also because Emilie had chance to hear another of the multiple spanish accents of this world, the chilean accent while we ate a box of chocolates filled with liqueur.


At the end of the movie we discuss some chilean spanish words we where able to hear and I explain what they mean to Emilie.

guagua: baby

guata: belly

po’: pues

weon: tonto in argentina

fome: boring

tipo: a dude

Great movie! Great meeting!

Gloria in imbd:

#5 A day at Vapriikki –

Hanna and me went to Vapriikki Museum yesterday.
The first exhibition was – according to the girl at the info – called northern lights and we expected the northern lights. But actually it was about fashion and the famous Revontuli brand. You can have a look at the textures and the sketchbooks there but also see the final dresses. All in all it was really colourful and nice to look at – but no northern lights. 😉

After that we went to the post museum. This museum was really amazing and interactive. In every part you can touch, read or watch something. Everything was in Swedish and English (also Finnish and Russian). So I tried to read it in Swedish first and if I didn’t understand it I switched to English – or asked Hanna. I learned the preposition ’till’ which has different meanings in English and ‘brev’ what means letter (la lettre in French).

When we went upstairs, we found the exhibition about ‘Tom of Finland’ and about ‘local Innovations‘. We saw for example plastic that is made of milk proteins and made light by spinning a crank. And of course there was something about Nokia – about the tires and the phones – you can even listen to the development of the Nokia ringtone throughout the years.

The natural history museum was also really great. There are many stuffed animals (mostly birds) but you can also smell different trees and plants or touch the fur of animals. You can also weight yourself and see what animal you are. And I learned the Swedish word for squirrel ‘ekorre’.

From there we went to the Ice-Hockey Hall of Fame, Shoe and Toy Museum. The Toy Museum was a throwback into our childhood, which contained Barbies and doll houses as well as the table Ice-Hockey  (a Finish Version of Tischkicker) and Ninja Turtles .

After exploring the museum shop we sat in the café to talk a bit and drink tea and coffee. We were at the museum for four but it felt like two hours.

So what do I remember from learning Swedish yesterday?!

Sometimes ‘k’ is pronounced like tj (or sch). So köpa (shopping) is pronounced as ‘tjöpa’ or ‘schöpa’ (sounds a bit like some Germans say shopping 😉 ).

Semester‘ or ‘lov‘ means holidays/vacation in Swedish. So when I go to Stockholm before leaving back to Germany, I can say: ‘Jag är här på semester’ (I am here on vacation).