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2nd Meeting!

Our second meeting was just before the Fall break. We set it up in Emilie´s apartment and we had coffee to warm up this cold day.

We watch a lot of videos in Youtube and internet about Argentinian accent, latin music and French culture.

Emilie was stunned how difefrent we talk to the rest of spanish speakers, but I think our accent is the coolest of all! (sorry other spanish speakers!)

Great videos we watch:


Great time again! Next meeting: different words or meaning of spanish words.


France-Argentina first meeting

Hello everyone! Finally posting about my meetings with Emilie 🙂 Gonna post about the first one now cause I didnt have time to do it before but here it goes…

On our first meeting we had lunch at school and we talked moslty about culture, Argentinian and French. Mainly about that you need to use Argentinian spanish when in Argentina (cause some words can have different meanings and also because our especial spanish- we use vos instead of tĂş ) and french in France cause people dont like english or are really bad at talking it there.

I discover Emilie is actually half finnish, I thought she was just full french XD so we had also a talk about how important bilingĂĽism is and how good is for kids to learn both of the parents languages. I asked a lot about how her mom made her not give up her finnish while living in France because I have a little boy and she gave me great tips to make my son love spanish as much as his finnish.

Was a great meeting and it was great to meet Emilie.

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Tenth meeting: French Macaroon in a cosy Café !


With Michael, we organised the meeting near Stockmann, in a small Café, very comfortable. The theme of my French lecture today is the shopping and the future tense.

I decided to teach more about the French news to Michael. I found an article about the Swedish brand H&M and its expansion in France. At the beginning of November, H&M opened a new shop, the biggest in France, in Paris, in Saint Germain des Prés. This article was a good thing, because it happens in the street where I live in France. This article about French mode and the designer used by H&M was very interesting.

This theme is interesting because it permits to Michael also to have the vocabulary for clothes and to know how ask information in a shop with the different department. We did a simulation game. He had to find a gift for his best friend, he was the customer and I was the seller. He asked me a lot of information about what he wanted exactly. I think this kind of exercise is a good thing because it permits him to be like the real situation.

Moreover, we discussed about two videos which I wanted to show him. It was about the famous big shop in Paris, Galeries Lafayette, and its famous tree, parade and windows for Christmas. Michael was very chocked, because it is a very beautiful moment in Paris. It is with designers, singers, actors. The shop is wonderful. It is a typical big event in Paris, each year it is a new parade with new ideas and a new tree.

Video: here !

I like having discussion in French with Michael, I think it is the best thing for him to improve his French skills. I know French is a difficult language, that is why I am very proud of him. He makes real efforts to participate and to learn more and more.

One more time, we enjoyed together this moment. We are very happy together because the course Each One Teach One permits us to realise this kind of meeting in same time we learn a lot of thing. The next meeting is tomorrow and the theme is “the school”, it is the before last theme.

Moreover, for the last meeting, we decided to do a feedback together. This meeting will be in English, to change. We want together to know, what we think about theses thirteen meetings, what we learnt, what we appreciated or not etc. So we have three meetings left (tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday).

Kebab House!

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In the 11th November evening, I had met Julia and Paapi for a dinner. We had changed our original plan to a Nepalese restaurant because of the coldness and we went to a Kebab house. I like the restaurant decoration and we had some small chat while waiting for the food. The food that I order was surprisingly kind of too spicy for me even I just order for “just a little bit spice”. I can’t really finish them as they are really too spicy for me! (I am bad in taking spicy food).

We talked about relationship and what we’ll gonna do next. Normally Asian have dating after they having relationship which sound kind of different between European. And European normally move out from home after they done with high school. Staying away with parents since teenagers’ age make them getting mature. Well normally Asian move out from home while they getting married or some even still stay together with parents after they married, but the girl will move to the guys house, of course. I can see the culture different between Europe and Asia. It’s good to know.

That was the first time I tried kebab. I think it was nice but just kind of too spicy for me. Perhaps I should said no spice next time!                                                    —Voon


Voisin ottaa capuccinon ?

Hello all !
New post on this blog to speak about my 8th meeting with Elina. We hadn’t a lot of time but we wanted a cosy place so with went to Café Europa, common but really cool place.


As usual we spoke about us, I told her how was my « Survival Weekend » in the middle of the woods and how I enjoyed it ! She told me that she went to her parent’s place and she really enjoyed her weekend as well. A good weekend is primordial to begin well the week !
We spoke about her favourite sport the Pole Dance, even if I knew this sport she taught me few things I didn’t know ! There are a lot of different metal bare, different diameter, different textures and different methods of attachment. She felt her progression in the last times so I was glad for her.

After this we went through Finnish stuff, I have to recognize that even after several meetings I don’t know a lot of Finnish words, it’s not because she is a bad teacher, it’s because I often, really often, teach French to her. I know that this will be useful for her and I really like to teach French. So yes I know few things but not a lot. This time so I was my turn to learn, we reviewed the numbers, a little bit the verb “to be” and the weekdays. We did few new things like how the open, close a door for example because I needed to know “Open” and “Close” because I’m always asking myself when the stores are open and I’m never able to read the Finnish on the front doors.
Then I learnt how to order a cappuccino or a beer (I will need this for sure !).

At the end I shown her a video on youtube about an amazing girl in an American TV Show “American Ninja Warrior”, she went through all the track easily, even better than a man !

We will meet each other only in two weeks because she is going to London on Thursday and then it will be me going to Lapland. We have planned to meet again at least twice and we should make something all together with Michèl and Tilda to remember our EOTO experience ! Surprise…

Weird sounds coming from my mouth

Dasha and I went through more of the cases of the nouns. It was quite fun to find the structure of the Russian language – what means this, that and why something is how it is. I hadn’t read any long texts or didn’t know that many words, but still I could understand how Russian works. That’s how amazing my teacher is. I think I will study the cases again at some point, perhaps more properly, eventually. It’s kind of funny that in a way I know how the language is like but on the other hand I don’t.

Also, sometimes it was fun to notice that when Dasha didn’t have the words to explain something, I could guess what she meant – and I guessed it right. Sometimes I could make up examples in English, and she translated them in Russia.

She had brought the cutest old fairytale book with her, and in the end of our meeting I tried to read the story of the Snow queen. My reading was slow, and Dasha had to correct my pronunciation quite a lot, but still it was fun and it went better than I expected.



Some words are just incredibly hard to say. Apparently I just can’t find the sounds from my mouth, and if I manage to make a correct sound, it feels weird. But hopefully I’ll get used to speaking this magical language called Russian.

walking into forest

This time we decide to walk into the forest and practising the colors we saw in the forest .. however, we didn’t see that much apart from grey and brown . we started to play other colors and imagination for example the colors of some mushroom in summer or the color of the lake , until we were too cold to continue. by far what colors i know are

Schwarz (super difficult to say)












Birches_near_Novosibirsk_in_Autumn   imagesimages

Again we finish in a coffee shop( it was amazing) and new time will be a Austrian traditional plate that they will cook for us … yiami yiami !!!




Second week of meeting we start to see the colors. everything was pretty nice and easy until we got to the color black that i could not say. however it was a fun time in Waynes Coffee.

Then we start to practise saying the days and month of the year, saying each one date of birth and memorable people date of birth as well



the evening went fast meanwhile we were practising but lot of fun and misunderstanding in pronunciation …. damn i love German !!!


Hey people,


Rubbeldiekatz… When you read the title of this post you probably had no clue at all what I was going to talk about. To make it more clear, Rubbeldiekatz (literally: stroke the cat) is a German movie about a guy whose career completely changes when he gets accepted to play the role of a German woman in a Hollywood movie.


In this meeting, Suvi, Michel and I decided to watch this movie to improve our skills in listening to German. Unfortunately, we could not find the movie with German subtitles, so we completely had to rely on our ears, which made it a bit more difficult to understand. As with every language, native Germans speak really fast, as was the case in this movie. Luckily, Michel was in the middle and could get us back on track if needed. Sometimes he paused the movie and asked us what was told in the particular scene. Surprisingly, I was able to catch a lot of the things that were happening, a good sign!

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the movie because Michel and I had a dinner on the planning. But since we all liked the movie, we will definitely finish it together.

You’ll hear from me soon!


Three in one again…

So Pauline and I have met up three times since last I posted and instead of doing three separate posts, I thought I’d condense them all into one.

We’re concentrating mainly on French and Pauline’s lesson plans have the same structure each time, just with different themes. In the lessons we covered media/new technology, food/supermarkets and music. As I’m studying music, that was especially good for me! Each lesson has the same plan: we start with huge lists of new vocabulary and making sure I can understand them, move onto using verbs and revising a different tense every time, read a text on the topic and answer questions on the text, watch a video in French on said topic and discuss and discuss the topic in relation to my own life. So I’m getting a bit of everything: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

It’s great, I really notice my French improving as Pauline is so specific and encouraging. Though I still have a problem with those ‘r’s. Maybe I should gargle some water before attempting to speak French…