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Quick meetings

On the 15th, I had lunch with Jaimile in the School cafeteria. We discussed about traditional foods in our countries and went over some Finnish food related words. She actually remembered some from our past meeting in the supermarket.

I also had a brief meeting with Jaimile later that week before she left Finland. She wanted to go to a shop that would sell Finnish themed items and souvenirs. So after some googling, I found the Souvenir Shop Qii, which is located in Hämeenpuisto. They sell all these typical souvenir items as you can see in the picture. She also asked me for some Finnish words for the items in the shop.

I have one more meeting to go, which I will have with Sebastian. Since he has already left Finland, we will do the final meeting in Skype.

meetings 6-10


Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts! Totally got swamped with exams and assignments, bah. So I’ll just run through the rest of out meetings 🙂


6/11/14    Don’t Mention the War!/6

So myself and Tom decided to go to a bar in Finlayson.  Turned out to do a variety of beers (a substance which both Scots and Germans enjoy, so it is educational! :P) so course we tried some.



(apologies for them being on their side, no idea..)

Anyways, so I wanted to learn more about the history of Germany. Turns it it’s a rather new country (founded in 1871) but my partner didn’t really know the history. I Googled it, turns out there were a lot of civil wars which is very confusing to understand.

I told him about how Scotland was first a bunch of little tribes (each with different kilts) and they just merged together to form colonies.  Glasgow became a city because of the river Clyde that runs through it brought together people. When industrialisation came around it was used for steelworks and transporting them worldwide.

We, of course, ended up talking about the World Wars. Turns out Finland was with the Nazi’s and so was the Italians which I did not know about. We shared our knowledge over it. I don’t know why but I thought we’d have different knowledge over it, turns out we know really similar stuff.

We then ended up, don’t ask how, talking about school systems in Germany and Scotland. They turn out to be similar which I was not expecting at all. Even with colleges and universities.

It was a really insightful meeting, just how similar the cultures are.



12/11/14   Stores and Guns../7

So not really having a plan, we wandered up the main street naming the stores in English and German:

super market- supermarkt

department store- kaufhaus

shopping centre- einkaufszentrum

police station- polizeistation

town hall- rathaus

We ended up going to XXL Sport to see about sleeping bags and walking around we stumbled onto the guns, knives, bow and arrows and even crossbows!

I found this really strange because in the UK guns are illegal. Not sure about crossbows and bow and arrows but I’m pretty sure they’re banned as well.

Was eye opening and reminded myself that the rest of the EU isn’t like Britain. Was a great little hour 🙂


13/11/14 Festivities/8

So my partner decided it was time for me to try some German drinks which I must admit were fab! I don’t usually like gin but with cucumber, wow. Course I had to bring shortbread.

Since it’s the festive season we decided to talk about what we do in each country for Christmasnd new year.

I was incredibly surprised when Tom told me that in Germany they open their presents Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. And that the three days (eve, day and boxing day) they practically get together with family and eat/drink. Back in the UK it’s not uncommon but I don’t think I could stand my whole family for three days! I usually go see friends boxing day.

Merry Christmas- Frohe Weihnachten

I then explained to Tom that New years or Hogmanay is big in Scotland, not too sure why but we have a different word for it and we get to drink lots of whiskey and eat lots of shortbread and sing Robert Burns poems.

Happy New Year! – Prosit Neujahr!

New Year’s Day  –der Neujahrstag


We also talked about birthdays and the only difference was really in Britain we celebrate peoples 21st. In history it was when people were given “the key to the door” and it’s just never died down even though a legal adult is 16 years old… Any excuse to party really…

Apparently wishing a German happy birthday before their birthday is bad luck, just a pointer 🙂

Best wishes on your birthday- Viel Glück zum Geburtstag!


14/11/14   Hockey Match/9

So myself and Tom decided to go see a hockey match (Ilves vs Sport) as I’m now turning into a big Ilves fan and we can talk about sports while watching grown men beat each other! Always great fun 🙂


So Scotland and Germany are in the same boat when it comes to ice hockey, we have teams but it’s not as big a sport as football and so people usually forget we have teams.

Tom taught me some words in German as we were sitting in the break.

Goal- Tor

referee, umpire – Schiedsrichter

stadium(s)  –Stadion (die Stadien, plural.)

tackle   –fassen 

Icehockey- Eishockey

Ilves ended up winning that night so it was a really good meeting 🙂



29/11/14 Vapriikin Museum/10

So for one of our last meetings we ended up going to Vapriikin (really good museum! I totally recommend it for a wee day out)

So after getting lost and then finally finding the museum we went exploring.

I didn’t know post could be so interesting, but its possible!

Post Office- die Post / das Postamt

Parcel- das Paket

Stamp- die Briefmarke

I must admit it was a really fun way to learn words and phrases I will be able to use in Germany.

We moved on to wildlife, in the museum it was really cool to see all of Finland’s wildlife and it gave me and Tom the opportunity to talk about wildlife in our own countries.

For example:

squirrel- Eichhornchen

Deer- Reh/ Hirsch

Fox- Fuchs

bird- Vogel

Badger- Dachs

Butterfly- Falter

Beetle- Kafer

And many others!

There was also a 60/70’s fashion section were we just laughed at how ridiculous the fashion use to be. Seriously, if you can, go to this museum. It’s a great day out!

Really great way to learn a different language, fun and interactive.




5/12/14  Hot Wings and Goodbyes/11

So all things must come to an end. Least myself and Tom done it in style with some great hot wings and just so much chicken!

We just really talked over what we had learned together and if it helped in any way (between stuffing our faces with awesome food- Sticky Wings down the side of McDonalds, seriously go try them).

Turned out we both really benefited each other. This was a great starting point for learning German and I’ll hopefully carry it on when I get home and I was able to help Tom a little with English grammar and some English phrases, not that he needed much help!

But honestly it was a great opportunity and I’m really glad I partook in it 🙂






So we did it again. We managed to fit in our busy busy schedules one more meeting for the EOTO course with french and finnish. It was a blast!

We met in the city at the coffee house and while we enjoyed our fresh made breakfast sandwich + the latte, we managed to do some french. Basically I wanted to see what David had on his mind and I have to say he did not fail me! He brought some paperwork with him and introduced me a daily newspaper. I have to say that it was nonsense 😀 Reading the magazine was nearly impossible. I managed to squeeze out 2-4 words + sentences I could understand, but rest was gibberish to me :D. David kindly ofcourse red and translated me some of the content and we went through few basic chapters about how the city Paris is seen from Tourists view and how the citizens see Tourism.

Once again it was a nice, around 1,5h meeting and I think I got something out of it. I am sure that next time I get my hands on french newspaper I will be able atleast recognize a word or two. Ofcourse the sports section is probably the easiest for me and specially if it has something to do with football then I might be able to read it somehow 🙂

Not sure how many meeting we had so far, but I guess 8-9 at the moment. We will have 1-2 more and then probably wrap it up with a small “exam/test” or something.

Now I’m off to bed, and I wish you all a relaxing xmas and happy new year 2015!

let’s go Ilves

This time we met us in front of the ice hockey stadium Tampere, the home of the hockey team Ilves. It was a perfect day to watch a game of Ilves because they won easyli with a 4 to 1. According to the final score also the atmosphere in the stadium was stunning.


The timeouts between the thirds gave us the opportunity to talk about the ice hockey rules so that we  could better understand what is going on on the fild and chet a bit about sports in general and our favorite sports.

Pizza Napoli…let the professionals cook

After each of us has tried to cook a traditional meal we decided to give the italian restaurant Napoli in the city centre a shot. Fortunately we had reserved a table otherwise we would have spend all our meeting in a line, in front of the restaurant.
Since we do not have to cook this times we had a lot of time to chat and talk about
useful phrases and rules of behavior in mexican and german restaurants. After a very tasty pizza, Jocelyne surprised us with an traditional mexican lollipop as dessert.



Final meeting 18.12

This time we met for the last time. So sad! This semester went much more faster than i could have thought and we weren’t able to do all the things that i first thought we could. But anyway, we had so much fun together and i really recommend this EOTO-course to everyone.

So, we met at this really nice coffee place ” Kulma konditoria” in Koskipuisto in the centre. It is really nice place and they have a lot of nice and sweet things to eat and drink. Now we talked about everything: this semester, school, Hui’s experiences about Finland and this student exchange etc. For me this course has been more like getting to know different culture and people, more than learning a new language. Of course my English has become better, hopefully 😉 And as a Finnish person I’ve thought our culture in a new way while i’ve been explaining things to Hui. This really has been a great experience and I learned a lot of new things and i could say that so has Hui too.

Korean and Finnish culture has many same things and actually there is not so much differences a i thought that there would be. I think the biggest difference is that studying is not free as here in Finland and the meaning of a family is sort of a bigger or could i say more important in Korean.

After our coffee time we went to Stockmann to look a big box for Hui so she could send her stuff to Korean. Luckily we got one box which was perfect! And it was free, great!

Anyway, everything comes to and end at some point. I really hope that we will meet in the future and i wish all the best for Hui! You never know where time takes you and maybe someday i can visit in South-Korea 🙂

Cat café

Our idea for the day was to go to the cat café and have an interesting experience, but it turned out not working out so well. The café was closed that day. We ended up in another café close by, a normal one.

Eating joulutorttu’s and drinking glögi we talked about Christmas and the traditions surrounding it. Finnish and Czech Christmas is actually very similar, though we seem to have more food. At least more traditional dishes. Christmas-related words are sound very different in both lanuages, and sadly we still weren’t able to pronounce any on the czech right. Oh well, at least our czech group member is doing a little bit better with his finnish.

Finnish food

For one of our meetings I invited our group over to my apartment. The theme of the day was finnish food. For some reason it was really hard for me to come up with things serve to the others. Apparently I don’t very often think what foods are very particularly finnish.

I ended up with karjalanpiirakka (carelian pastry) and munavoi (eggbutter), and leipäjuusto (a kind of cheese that you warm up in the oven) and some clouberry jam to put on it. Lukas told that they have a similar cheese thing in Czech, though they never put jam on it. Now he knows better and will take this great news back home with him. 🙂

Lunch meeting

We decided to have one of our meetings at school over lunch. We had a long lunch, talking over the differences in schooling systems in Finland and Czech and things realted to that. Especially how school lunch is done. And apparently we have it really good in Finland (though I knew that before).

Earlier I have talked with dutch and american friends about how things work over in their countries, and I am so glad to be finnish. Not that the other countries have thigns very badly necessarily. I know the finnish way of doing things doesn’t work well for everyone, but for me it has been really great, and it’s good to be reminded of how lucky I’ve been.

25th of December

I and Yuki went for a morning walk to Messukylä’s Old Church that is the oldest building in Tampere (been there from 1400?). We could not get inside  but I told few facts about the church and it’s yard.

After freshing walk we baked Ginger bread cookies ( I prefer dough and Yuki baked cookies).

We also taught each other (and learned together from youtube) some ayatori that is old Japanese string game for children. It was fun!

Hammock from youtube
Hammock from youtube

After eating Christmas food with my living relatives and watching a serious British movie named Fish Tank,  I and Yuki talked about mening of Christmas and New Year in Finland and Japan. Christmas is more important in Finland and New Year is more important in Japan.

Some random stuff I learned:
Morumotto = marsu = a guinea pig
shirasu sushi = sushi with huge amount of tiny fishes on it (too salty for me)
kamaboko = funny eatable stuff made from fish meat and bones
azuki, ogura = red bean (-paste)
Naka ni … wa haitte imasu ka? = Does this have… in it?

And lot more… 😀 Internet and free flowing conversations (+ some tea) are great! Explaining, showing and learning is so much easier with internet and pictures. :3