4th meeting


On October 31, we studied in a Mari’s house. Unfortunately Jongsoo quitted the course because he took a lot of classes and could not make time. However, that day, Joonas who is Finnish guy joined a member as Each One Teach One. So from now, I want to exchange Finland and Japanese language and culture with our three people that Mari and Joonas and I. In addition, I’ve known Joonas before this curse and already we exchange each language and culture!!! It’s mean that I’ve have two teachers of Finnish.

On that day, Mari and Joonas taught me Finnish.


This photograph is when they wrote Finnish in the notebook eagerly to teach me clearly. That’s awesome!


Firstly, Joonas became café’s staff and I tried to order coffee or some stuff to Joonas with remembering how to order that I learned last meeting! I couldn’t order well first, but finally became able to order somehow!!


Secondly, I learned about how to make Finnish interrogatory sentence and the end of a sentence of the word. For example, “maito” becomes “maitoa” in interrogatory sentence. In addition, in the case of the end of a sentence of the word is “~ko”, it is often interrogatory sentence. I learned many words, so I want to try hard as possible as remember all. In addition, we will meet the next meeting in a cafe!


Kiitos 🙂

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