Division Week ( 6th & 7th Meeting)

We meet again on the 17th of November in the TAMK’s library. I was busy with my exams. I didnt keep a blog, so, I am keeping the blog today. Sveta taught me and Joonas some adjectives. She also taught us the colours. There is a list of the colours below.

белый = valkoinen

красный = punainen

чёрный = musta

жёлтый = keltainen

зелёный = vihreä

We discussed about food. Me and Joonas taught Sveta “ruoka” words. We talked about fish and fruits. Sveta wanted to learn numbers, so me and Joonas taught her numbers. It seemed to be hard to pronounce , especially long number like “tuhatsataviisikymmentä”. She really tried it.






We also meet on Friday 28th.

We decided to discuss about grammers. Sveta taught me  Russian vowels and how to read them because in different cases such letters as “е,ё,я,ю” are  read and pronounced in different way in the words. Me and Joonas taught Sveta Finnish language’ ” sijapäätteet”. It seemed to be hard for her.  The endings of the word is also quite hard in Russian. There is a gender devision. It seemed to be hard for me. Well, I try to remember some endings for the next meeting.

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