Meeting at Sokos



On November 20, I met Joonas as Each One Teach on that day and Mari couldn’t make it because she was busy. Joonas and I went to a cafe of the top floor of the Sokos near keskustori. And he had some questions about some Japanese words, so I explained it to solve his question almost on that day. Those words were “傾向(Keikou)” like tendency or “物価(Bukka)” like price, “するように(Suruyouni)” like imperative sentence but include other some meanings. He also wanted to know not only meanings but also how to use these words, so I gave an explanation to him with a specific example one by one.

I could learn these words at the same time also for me, because, I think, it was difficult for Japanese people, too. For about two hours, I taught some words and grammar that he didn’t understand. Then I heard a story when he went to travel to Japan. That was so interesting!!

I want to guide a lot of place in Japan to Mari or Joonas sometime if they come to Japan!!!!


We went to the supermarket in the basement of Sokos before we went to the cafe.

Then there is sampling of ice cream at the moment! Because I wanted to eat some sweets, I’m so happy when we found that!! In addition, I learned some Finnish then. Like the following.

Ice cream = jäätelö

Peanut = maapähkinä



This photograph is the bread that Joonas bought at supermarket. It was very delicious! Also today, I spend a great time in Each One Teach One!

Kiitos 🙂

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