Pre-Christmas Party & Baking

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In second of December, we went to Paapi’s mom house again to celebrate our Pre-Christmas Party as our usual plan. We had been taught by Julia and Paapi to prepare some traditional Finnish Christmas Snacks which includes Christmas pies with two different toppings and also some gingerbreads! It was really fun and interesting to prepare them and the taste is just amazing!

Since that was a pre-christmas party, each of us has prepared a small gifts to exchange! I got Julia’s gift which is a small house for putting the tea leaf and making a tea ( I don’t know how to call them), it is cool and I like it very much! And I also got a bonus gift from Paapi which is a angel mold for making gingerbread, it is sooo lovely! Me and Meng also brought some small gift for Paapi’s mom and we glad that she likes them!

After farewell with Paapi’s mom, Paapi had brought us to a place for night scene. We can see a large view of Tampere from the swell and it was so beautiful. But it was also freaking cold and we jumped into the car just after couple of minutes!

I can’t believe it was our last meeting for the course, but I believe that’s not gonna be the last meeting in our life! I feel very thankful and glad to meet all of them. We had a lot of fun together and we actually become good friends. I will keep those precious memories in my mind and I believe it will be one of the valuable part in my journey.  — THE END ***

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