Yksi kahvi, kiitos.


On 5th of November, Mari and Joonas and I went to café and I taught them Japanese. For us, it was the first time that we have meeting at outside our house! And we have the purpose to practice the Finnish at café on that day.

We gathered in front of a railway station at 18:00 and went to the Torni hotelli sky bar is the top floor of the Torni hotelli (the highest black building) that Joonas recommended from there.

Because the outside was cold, it was very comfortable in the hotel. And also atmosphere of the inside was very stylish. We could overlook a night view of Tampere when we got to the top floor at once! That was so amazing!! In the night view and atmosphere of the bar, both were very very splendid, too! But the bar’s price was slightly high for us, so we decided to go to other café.


Finally, we will have the meeting in Restaurant SEMAFORI where we can drink a coffee with 1 euro. And I ordered coffee in Finnish like the following for the first time here!

Yksi kahvi, kiitos.

Ykusi kiitos. Ole hyvä.

Kiitos, hei

It was an order for only coffee, but was very very very glad when I could say this order!!!!!! In addition, I wanted paper, too, so I ordered it from staff in Finnish.


This is the coffee that I ordered!!!

After that, I told Mari the Japanese numerical expression. As well as how to count numbers, I taught how to read calendar or how to read time on that day.

The Japanese numerical expression is changed by a scene when we use it, so I thought these was difficult for Mari. I taught Jonas some words that he wanted to know. It is really interesting to teach Japanese! Thanks EOTO!

Kiitos 🙂

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