At the movies

It’s always nice to go to movies and relax a little bit in the middle of a busy school week. We chose the movie 22 Jump street. The idea was a Finnish movie with English subtitles. The film itself was okay, not the favorite one of mine, but something I could expect after seeing the first part a couple of years ago.



I was a bit worried if my Eoto-partner could pick any familiar Finnish words out of the translations, but after the movie he said he could recognize some. That was really nice to hear. First we were thinking about watching a Finnish movie with English subtitles but for this occassion we couldn’t find any. And without subtitles it would have been way too hard to understand anything.

I taught my partner some movie vocabulary and he also bought his movie ticket in Finnish. So far we have mainly focused on culture related things on our meetings, so maybe next time we could have a crazy verb conjugation meeting. Let’s see!

Night night x

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