Again at the library

Our study group met again at the main library Metso and this time we red a whole book in German. We chose a book which we decided to read and translate all the unfamiliar words from the text. It was actually book for children. It was a story about a girl who hated yellow color.

We red the text aloud and translated it page by page. There in the text were mentioned all the main colors so we had a good opportunity go trough all the colors in German again. The text wasn’t so difficult to understand but there were some strange phrases which I was not familiar with before. Our teacher explained those to us very well but also mentioned that ‘normal’ people doesn’t maybe use that kind of phrases. The book was also so old that some words were written with the old way.

It was great to notice that I really can understand written story in German and read a whole book. It was a easy read children’s book but still, it’s a book! :).





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