Listen to music

Every lesson we have had have been very well prepared. Our teacher is very good and she has a lot of ideas how she can teach us German language. This time she brought a pair of headphones and words of the song with her. We listened a German song and tried to follow the lyrics from the text paper.

It was pop music and the lyrics were quite strange. The meaning of the lines were either so deep and full of emotion or it just tried to be something different and new and that’s why it was hard to understand the meaning. Or maybe it was just pop music where the lines don’t many times make any sense :).  At least it was funny to translate the lines and get to know some German music.

We talked also music in general. We mentioned the German bands which we knew before. We all had the same conclusion that German language is very good for heavy music because it can sound quite rough. The song we listened were a love song and it was surprising for me that German can also sound smooth and pretty.




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