OnePiece auf Deutsch

Sooouu, once again we stuck with OnePiece when we met last friday. I think that’s a really good way to learn a language. If you know about the content of the series and about what’s happening, and on top of that are interested in the series, it is much easier to guess what the characters are talking about, even if you don’t understand everything.

Well, anyways we continued from the last episode we had watched before and decided to stop every time there was something interesting. I took a pen and paper right away, so I could write down everything Sunyoung and Hyejin wanted to know.

In the end we had a list with words and expressions (most of them useful, at least I hope so). Here are a few examples:

Ich auch = Me too/also.
Ich bin auch durstig/hungrig. = I am thursty/hungry as well.Was war das? = What was that?
Was ist das? = What is that?
Warte mal! = Wait a moment!
Warte auf mich! = Wait for me!
Beeile dich! = Hurry up (Hurry yourself)!

And because I realized I hadn’t taught any way to ask, if one didn’t understand something, I let Hyejin and Sunyoung listen to a German children song (quite old actually). The words are (short version – there are variations, of course):

Ich hab einen Walkman! Was hast du gesagt? = I have a walkman! What did you say?

I hope it is much easier to remember “Was hast du gesagt?” through this song – at least for me I think it would be. And of course, one can always just use “Sorry?” or “Entschuldigung?” or (the not so polite way) “Was?”.

As a beginner in a language I think knowing how to express that you didn’t understand something is a very important thing – else people will assume that you understood everything, which can easily lead to misunderstandings…

I hope you didn’t misunderstand anything I wrote 😀

Until next time!

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