Benvenuti al Sud

For our sixth meeting Sanne and I watched an Italian movie.

I was not sure wich movie could be interesting to see to show the Italian culture. I thought about “La vita e´bella” (Life is beautiful) by Roberto Beningni, very famous and really awesome movie about jewish people in italy during WWII. An other idea was “La grande bellezza” (The Great Beuty) by Paolo Sorrentino, winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Award in  2014.

But at the end we decided to watch something “easier” and our choice was  “Benvenuti al Sud” (Welcome to the South) by Luca Miniero, with as a main actor Claudio Bisio. it is an adaptation of the French comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis.The Italian version underlines in a very comic way some of the most spread stereotypes about Northern and Southern Italian. SAnne already saw the French movie, but she told me she want to see the Italian one as well because she really enjoyed it.

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