Colours and Music

Today we held our last official meeting – meaning that we will hold one online meeting, because we didn’t find any time to meet in the real world before the first of our group is leaving Finland.

Today I had bought finish Glögi and some chocolate for us to enjoy – a good thing, as Sunyoung and Hyejin both hadn’t tried Glögi before and that is a must if you are in Finland in Christmastime! 🙂

I had thought of colors (Farben) to be one important thing we were still missing, so we gathered the most important ones in German (I won’t translate them, as most are very close to the English colors):

Farben: rot, grün, gelb, blau, schwarz, weiß, braun, lila.

After that we talked about the colors we prefer (Lieblingsfarbe) and other things we like (ich mag) or love (ich liebe).

Throught the colors we also got to a song by the band “Die Prinzen”, where a few colors were mentioned. We listened to the song and I had Sunyoung and Hyejin try and identify the colors the singer talked about. That’s when I realized how many German expressions use colors – so I wrote down a few I could think of.

Ich bin blau = (word for word: I am blue) I am drunk.
Ich sehe rot = (wfw: I see red) I am very angry.
Ich sehe schwarz = (wfw: I see black) I don’t see that happening / nothing is working / I am depressed.
Grünschnabel = (wfw: green peak) an unpolite name for a young or inexperienced person (comparable to “brat”)

Especially the different use for the color blue in both English and German is quite interesting, as being blue in English means being gloomy or sad!

Because of “Die Prinzen” I thought about other good German musicians or bands which might be interesting for Sunyoung and Hyejin. Here is a list of my favorites (they might all be a little “old school” already, but still their music is good!): Die Prinzen, Die Ärzte, Wise Guys, Xavier Naidoo (Söhne Mannheims).

As I got excited about music in general, I just had to show a song of Bodo Wartke, a German piano-comedian (meaning he is an amazing pianist and singer but makes comedy through playing, singing, acting or something else). His “Liebeslied” (=lovesong) is available in (I think) every language. Especially the German versions are quite funny, because they are divided into different accents. If you want to check a special language or send somebody a lovesong with languages you decide on your own, check out this “Liebesliedgenerator”!

And while I am going on about musician-comedians, check out Igudesman and Joo on youtube as well! They’re simply amazing and amazingly funny! 😀

But that’s it for today – it feels somehow strange to not be meeting with Sunyoung and Hyejin any more. The whole autumn has been really nice and interesting! 🙂

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