Cultural gap

For our fifth meeting Sanne and I choose to focus about the cultural aspect of our countries.

Firstly I used an Italian political map to quickly surf on the Peninsula, saying the name of each region and some brief note about people who live there and main cities. Everybody knows Rome for the Coliseum and Milan for fashion but there are many other things in Lombardy and Lazio which are much better!

I realize that I was quite proud for all the cultures we have in Italy, they surely are our richness 🙂

Then I show Sanne (twice) a nice video about an italian city: Matera. this city will be the 2019 European Capital of Culture (together with Plovdiv, Bulgary). We stopped the video several times to underline typical elements of italian ordinary life.

For the Dutch part of our meeting Sanne show me some “funny facts” about people in The Netherlands. You can find a complete, very funny list here:

We also speak about the Royal Family and the Soccer Teams. Sanne was a soccerplayer when she was little, but she is still very enthusiastic!

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