City hall and the Muumi-museum

We met in Keskustori with Sveta and Rulis. We wanted to show Sveta some of the local sights on Tampere-day, so we visited the city hall, which is opened to public once every five years, and the Muumi-museum, which is always open but we had free time.IMG_20141005_131601


In the city hall we took the typical round. There was a lot of historical stuff and employees telling interesting facts about them. I think it was a very nice place to visit on this day.

In the Muumi-museum we saw a lot of different muumi related items, which were very interesting.



Technically photos weren’t allowed, but we took some without flash, because that’s usually the reason they are forbidden. Then some man told us to not take a picture of Sveta in a tiny boat. It would have been a hilarious photo. 🙁

On this day we learned about Finnish culture. I had never been to the city hall and it was an interesting visit to me also! There was a lot of symbolic pictures that are seen on many different cultures in places of power.



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