Meeting in the kebab place

So we met in this kebab place across the street from the Kotipizza on Teiskonkatu with Sveta, Rulis, I and Jani from the other Finnish-Russian group. We discussed about differences in Finnish and Russian cultures and rehearsed some basic words.

Everyone ordered some form of kebab dish. I chose the kebab with rice and Rulis took it with fries. Sveta and Jani chose the rullakebab, which were huge. Sveta had to take some in a doggy bag because she is a small person who does not need such a big amount of food in one meal.

I learned more about the Russian culture, such as the militia and how to conduct business with them. Basically don’t do stupid stuff and you will not have trouble with them. I also learned some food words again.

It was a nice meeting and everyone left the kebab place with full stomachs and a big smile!

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