One last time

After four months of meetings, we met yesterday for the last time. We decided to make it relaxed and were walking across the christmas market. There, we found some Germans who sold “Krapfen”, a good opportunity for the others to get closer to some german food. And also for me, as I never had Krapfen before, because it is a special food from the east side of Germany. The guy there also spoke a lot of German  (in fact, he didn´t really care, if the other girls understand or not), so we were talking about the different ingredients of the Krapfen in English, German and Finnish. Like  “Sugar – Zucker – Sokeri” or  “Apfel –  Apple -Omena”.

After that we head to have some tea, as it was raining and not very comfy at the christmas market. And, I DID IT : I actually ordered a cup of tea in finnish without asking the girls before 🙂  So I had the whole conversation with the seller in Finnish. That sounds not a very big deal, but it was one of my aims at the beginning of the course; ordering something in Finnish.

I can also introduce myself now in Finnish, asking about someone´s well-being and I can also answer in Finnish, if someone asks me the same.

We also had a chat about weird sports that we have in our countries. For example, in Germany we have the Wok – Pan World Championships.  So instead of a sleigh or a bob, you take a Wok Pan and get down the hill. It is a pretty big event each year. More infos here:

So for my part, I can say that I am quite satisfied with the results of the course. I think, I could have learned a lot more, but I learned the very basics and that´s what I was after. Furthermore, I learned a lot about finnish culture (especially christmas culture) and why they are the way they are. For me, this was even more interesting than learing the language.

As we still have one more meeting to do and we don´t have the time to meet till I leave Finland, we gonna make some online meeting next time.


Group photo

……. and finally we made a picture with almost all of us together…. unforunately, Eija was missing this time….


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