#7 Swedish grammar in a very decent environment.

Yesterday Hanna and me had another meeting. She invited me again to one of her work places, this time we went to ‘Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere‘, the big black tower in the city. She first showed me around downstairs, the bar, the dining room and the congress center – everything is really beautiful and modern there. We also went up to the ‘Moro Sky Bar’ at the 25th floor but decided to go downstairs to sit there and have some coffee and talk about Swedish grammar.

We went through the basics of Swedish grammar and decided to do the same next week for French. All in all Swedish grammar is not that difficult, the only thing that’s a bit different is the declination of nouns (plural form and the genitive). Hanna also told me about the prepositions, prefixes and suffixes.

Most things and forms are really easy to remember and recognise especially if you know German and English. And my knowledge of Latin helped me a lot with understanding the grammar therms. I also discovered some analogies with French grammar and Swedish grammar. Hanna knows a lot about Swedish language and the development of Swedish language. That’s really interesting for me because I like learning some facts while learning a language.

So next week we will have another meeting and learn something about French grammar. But before that we’ll teach each other virtually how to white proper Emails in Swedish and French, also in the hotel context (booking requests etc.).

About the hotel:
From the Bar at the 25th floor you can have an amazing view over Tampere. Especially when it’s getting dark because all the lights are already turned on. So if you want to go somewhere special for a coffee or tee go there! It’s also opened during the evening as a Bar but I think you can’t get a place there at the weekend. The Bar downstairs is also really nice. It looks like an old Rock Café with wing chairs, stylish furnishings and a really nice atmosphere.

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