We spent an autumn afternoon in Pyynikki tower and café. We had both visited there already before but not together. It was a bit cloudy and windy weather but the view was really nice anyway. And there was a tourist group at the same time which made it a bit crowded.  I think this place is really nice to visit because the doughnuts are great!



It was time to brush up my German vocabulary:

Observation tower = Aussichtisturm
Doughnut = Donut
Glögi = Glühwein

I’ve learned that they also have Glögi in Germany, which was a bit surprising to me because I thought people don’t really have it anywhere else than in Finland and Sweden. Last year I was in Australia on Christmas and nobody had ever heard of Glögi and I missed my Christmas drinks! Good to know I wouldn’t have the same problem in Germany;)


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