10th and last EOTO meeting

Our last meeting took place yet again, in Lapinkaari. We decided to have our farewells accompanied by comedy so comedy movie it is! Yooree gave us two options, either Korean movie ‘Sunny’ that is a story about old friends or ‘Thieves’ which is basically the same as ocean 11 but better and more colorful. We chose the latter. 

 <– Kim Soo Hyun as Zampano

The Thieves is a heist movie that mixes together romance, comedy, and tons of action to create a highly enjoyable film with hot, mega stars from HK, China and S. Korea. Also, it was absolutely delightful surprise to see major hottie, Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun as Zampano in the movie. Ooh myyy…

It was so awesome to meet these two great girls! I already knew Yooree because I’m her tutor but still, I am so happy to get close with both of the girls! We’ve already joked that we need to have our next EOTO class in Korea next summer when I come there for my exchange year.

Thanks for the course, it was awesome!

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