9th meeting! Cooking some combo food + bad words!


This is our ninth meeting on 9th of December. We decided to yet again, to make some delicious food. During our earlier meetings, we really wanted to try out some Korean traditional food made from ddeok 떡 (boiled rice cakes). So this time we went to the asian market bought some ddeok. The original dish is called Tteokbokki (떡볶이) but we decided to make a variation of it with ramyun so it became RaBokki and it was sooo good. A sweet taste because all the bacon soaked the spices!

Yooree and Shinhyun also taught me new vocabulary:

씨발 짜증나.. fuck, so annoying..
뭐라고?! 너 지금 나한테 씨발이라고 했어?
What did you say?! Did you say ‘ssibal’ to me now?

존나 짜증나  fucking annoying

호갱 foolish customer/buyer (fool that gets easily ripped off by sellers)
호구 fool (worse than babo)

양파 좀 / 가져다 줘 bring me onion
그것 좀 줘 give me that

무임승차 good for nothing\ freerider
존나 무임승차 fucking freerider


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