Ending of EOTO

Hello Everybody,

I only want to say thank you for the opportunity for participating in such a great thing. It was a pleasure for me to be part of two groups.

In one I have been the german teacher and the second was my own choice where I was the student to be teached(french). It has been funny to talk to different nations about culture stuff and improves my english and frensh skills as well a lot! Sometimes it was not so easy always to find the right time with a group of 4 people that is the only thing which I have to recommend as an improvable point.

I hope that this will exist for a long time because I got now new friends because of studying… and like I said it was really good!

Thank you for the attention and we will continue our learnings when we see each other again:)

By by <3

Michèl Duckstein


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