Our “meeting” with Aileen during this weekend was interactive by email 🙂 . We got the idea because she and her friends are leaving to Sweden soon and they have booked a room in a hostel and they would like to know if they can leave their luggage to the hostel even they don’t get the room before afternoon and so on. So she thought that of course she can write them in Swedish and ask everything… Or then she is just going to do that in English! But anyhow that was a good idea to train writing letters 🙂
We made up some sentences and things that should be in for example a letter to a hotel asking to book a room, luggage room possibility and so on. Then I translated them in Swedish for her and she did the same in French for me. We both made a lot of comments how the rules goes when writing a letter and if there were some special things or words that could be useful for each of us. Big different that I anyhow noticed was that in French you always have to be superduper polite while in Swedish you really don’t. In Swedish is not common or so acceptable to use for example “Herr” or “Fru / Fröken” (= English Sir / Madam) in the beginning of the letter like it is always done in English or French. Swedish language is not so polite sometimes because of that due to the history of the language (for example it’s more common to speak to people with their first names then to say Sir or Madam) but thank good it is changing slowly there… Writing a French letter, I noticed a lot of respectable and polite ways to say everything and it was for me, who is in hospitality world, really nice and obvious.
This was it this time and tomorrow we have grammar lection again 🙂

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