It’s raining… where’s the snow?

On 11th of December, we met in Keskustori and then headed to the Christmas market. The weather was not on our side, since it was raining and windy. We walked around in the market are for a bit, but no one felt like buying anything or spending much time there since the weather was so horrible. We did manage to find a booth that was selling traditional eastern German pastries. They were a bit like the Finnish munkki, except they used quark in the doe and they were flavored with lemon. I was listening to Sebastian talking with the seller in German and was positively surprised how much I could understand

So after all of us were nice and cold, we ended up going to Munkkikahvila, which is also located at Keskustori. There we had some hot drinks and simply talked about things. This was probably our last meeting with the (almost) full group, but I’m hoping I could continue the course with some Skype meetings later on.

We also took a picture of us, although one member of our group was missing.

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