Moy !

It has been a long time without seing Elina because we both have been traveling, to London for her and to Lapland for me. It was as usual a pleasure to meet her.
The courses are coming to the end and you feel Christmas coming soon so we decided to meet at the Christmas market. We took a tour in the market smelling great odours and seeing artisanal objects.

Then we went to the covered market, I really like the atmosphere there, we sat to eat a karjalanpiirkka because I really liked it the last time! We spoke about our little trip, how we are doing.
Finnaly we decided to come back to the Christmas market because all the Finnish that I spoke with including Elina said me I must try the Glögi ! I loved it, sweet, rich in savours, really good. There was a tent where to drink many different warm drinks.Joulutori Elina There in a cosy atmosphere sat on fourure that we decided to speak French. I definitely prefer teach French than learn Finnish even if Elina has always been really clear and helpful. I told her few sentences in English that she had to translate in French, the same way I asked her few questions in English and she had to answer me in French. She did pretty well, just few words or connection words were missing. She has a really good potential because when I speak to her in French she understands almost everything easily but she has to dare more to speak French. I know that English comes naturally but she should force herself.

At the end we left and took a walk in sokos. In was one more time a good meeting, we will try to meet one more time this week before I leave on Saturday.

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